What is FIRE Within?

FIRE Within is a year long curriculum immersing student in social entrepreneurship, business and leadership development. Classes are taught in a hybrid in-class / online environment, helping to prepare them for post graduate education. Students will use the education to start and run a social enterprise. Each class will choose a social justice issue and create a product or service, which addresses the root cause of their social justice issue.

Students will have an opportunity to compete in several competitions to earn seed funding and notoriety. Once the school year is complete the students will have the option to continue to run their business or sell it.

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is the combination business and passion. It is an organization that provides a product or services that address the root cause or raises awareness of a particular social issue in the community or world.

Desired Outcomes
  • Inclusive understanding of entrepreneurship
  • Broad comprehension of basic business concepts
  • Well rounded knowledge of social justice issues
  • Exposure to advanced business skills and concepts
  • College Credit
Educational Outline
Complete Syllabus of Fire Within Curriculum

Bring FIRE to your School

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