Educational Outline

FIRE Within is a 32-week social entrepreneurship curriculum. The lessons are taught in a hybrid fashion with video, on-line, and classroom interaction. Modules are taught by industry professionals and presented via video by Educational Partners.

Experiential activities for each lesson contribute to the understanding of the material and help students relate each lesson to the “real world”. Each class the students have the opportunity to engage in group discussion and increase their level of learning.

The students will learn all the basics of starting and running a business. They will write each piece of their business plan as they learn new skills.

Complete Syllabus of Fire Within Curriculum

The curriculum covered in the syllabus includes:

Team Building
Time Management
Business Structures
Marketing Sales
Product Development
Supply Chain
Commercial Real-estate
Legal Issues

Human Resources
Corporate Social Responsibility
Business Life-cycles
Commercial Banking
Succession Planning
Technology Issues
Personal & Professional Development
Personal Banking