Desired Student Outcomes

FIRE Within aims to change the way students are taught and learn, through this real life project based learning program. The FIRE Within will encompass significant measured metrics and the desired outcomes will evolve as the program grows and changes.

FIRE Within is designed to specifically build upon student engagement, educator engagement, advanced coursework, post-secondary readiness, and school climate/safety.

Current FIRE Within outcomes are:

  • Inclusive understanding of entrepreneurship
  • Broad comprehension of basic business concepts
  • Well rounded knowledge of social justice issues
  • Exposure to advanced business skills and concepts
  • College credit

Fire Within is a small investment for schools and districts for accountability plans that meets the 20% for an activity that creates well rounded students.

FIRE Within creates an awareness about mental health and many social justice issues by creating an environment of critical thinking through identifying root causes and business development.

FIRE Within establishes significant engagement through a hybrid learning environment students have a postsecondary readiness and a clearly identified resource for postsecondary opportunities.


The original FIRE Within Program saw amazing results, including:

  • 28% increased their overall grades
  • 11% increase in wanting a career
  • 7% decrease in failing one or more class
  • 14% increase in student attendance
  • 66% improvement in stress management
  • 72% increase in peer to peer relationships
  • 47% of students were publicly recognized or rewarded for their accomplishment
  • 4 People per student were directly impacted on average pertaining to their social justice cause.