Brand Exposure Benefits for Educational Partners

Educational Partners benefit from Students acting as Campus Ambassador and gain brand awareness through multiple marketing channels and integrated exposure through the educational platform, direct student exposure and through social media interaction.

Initial - Brand Exposure Benefits
  • Directly influence the next generation of youth entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Exposure to over 20,000 school campuses*
  • Exposure to 200,000 students annually*
  • Exposure to 500,000 parents, guardians, education and community leaders*
  • Opportunity to engage with youth across the United States
  • Students act as Campus Ambassadors for Educational Partners within their school and community
  • Educational Partners receive an annual analytic report

* Estimated at program full potential

Ongoing - Brand Exposure Benefits
  • Educational Partner Featured on all FIRE Within marketing materials
  • Educational Partner recognition at all Fire Within Conferences and Events
  • Educational Partner recognition on exhibit displays and banners for events (DECA, FBLA, Educational Conferences)
  • Full page feature on FIRE Within Website
  • Social media exposure on FIRE Within social media platforms
  • Annual Partner Highlight sent to all participants, parents, partners
  • Systematic pre-school year launch campaign
  • Monthly Feature post to FIRE Within Facebook
  • Weekly Feature post to FIRE Within Twitter
  • Bi-Monthly Feature posts to FIRE Within Instagram
  • Partner highlight video on FIRE Within YouTube
During Your Sponsored Week - Brand Exposure Benefits
  • Full page feature on FIRE Within platform (Partner section)
  • Persistent branded bar and platform skin on content pages
  • Full Educational Partner branding of platform during educational week Student, Educator, Administrator, and Parent/Guardian pages
  • Educational Partner Social Media feeds and links highlighted during sponsored week
  • Persistent Partner Social Media Links on content pages
  • Students are encouraged to like/follow and explore each Educational Partner when the week starts as part of the curriculum.
Brand Exposure Through Youth Companies
  • Exposure on every student business website as an Educational Partner (Past student business logos shown below)
  • Educational Partners receive exposure on every student company’s social media platform.
  • Student business websites will have an Educational Partner page with live links to the FIRE Within feature partner pages
  • Students will thank Educational Partners on their social media for their support and partnership